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Internationaly Recognised ABMA Qualifications
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About Us

Association of Business Managers and Administrators

ABAMA is an international recognised awarding organisation. We are fully approved by Ofqual, the UK Government’s exams regulator, and our qualifications, devised with the support of industry experts, international employers and education experts, helps students like you gain skills that put you ahead of the competition in a wide range of industry sectors, some of which are listed below.


Why choose ABMA?

Vocational Qualifications ABAMA our strength, your Future

ABMA qualifications will provide you with a uniqueopportuniy to begin your career as a highly capableprofessional having developed and mastered skills that will ensure you are an asset that willstregthen any oraganisation. Undertaking your studies with ABMA is not simply about earning a qualification, you will be learning from some of the most advanced and challenging syllabus content available. This content has been devised with the support of industry experts thaidentified skills gaps that exist in the workplace now and skills the industry will find highly desirable in the future, placing you at the forefront of training today.ABMA Level 5 Diploma If you are dedicated to becoming an individual that not only excced expectations but Second Year of University helps drive industry forward, then enrol onto an ABMA qualification today and turn into immeasurable success.


Benefits of ABMA

ABMA qualifications represent fantastic value for an international ly recognised qualification


Advanced Qualifcation Content University Entrance Exemption Opportunities International Recognised
Challenging and Rewarding Flexible Study Supported by industry Experts Be Ahead of the Competition
Post-study Support Devised with Support of International Employers Excellent Value for Money Learn Skills that Surpass Expectation
Excellent Value for Money      



ABMA Qualification Levels

ABMA qualifications are taught at the following levels:

ABMA Certificate ABMA Level 4 Diploma ABMA Level 5 Diploma ABMA Level 6 Diploma
A Levels Pre-university First Year of University Second Year of University Final Year of University