Cisco IT Essentials (Computer Maintenance and Networkong)

You train to quality as an IT technician. IT includes software and hardware maintenance of desktop, laptops, scanners, printers and netwot connectivity. The training also includes call center communication, in addition to your Cisco Certificate, you will be able to sit for the internationally famous IT Certification Exam; CompTIA A+, based on this same training. At national level you will be able to write the national examination of the Ministry of Employement and Vocational training to obtain the Professional Certificate of aptitude in computer maintenance signed by the minister himself.



  • The networking Academy is Cisco’s officiel channel of training for people wishing to certify, but who do not have experience working on Cisco equipment.
  • Academy training follows strict Cisco training regulations, which include hands on practical work with up-to-date modern Cisco Equipment.
  • Academy trainers have been trained, tested and certicied as Cisco Academy instructors by Cisco.
  • Employers generally prefer products of Networking Academy because they have been tarned under regulated Cisco normes.


  • Trainees of Cisco Networking Academy have many advantages.

Examples include the following:

  • In addition to your certificates you obtain congralution letters from John T. Chambers, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cisco, for high passes. If you still wish to obtain the industry certificate, you can get 58%

Discount on exam fees.

  • Free e-study material from the Cisco website using your student ID, including free downloandable network symulators and training games.

So you can even continue to study at home or in your office.

  • Academy training gives trainees the competence to pass other certification exams without additional training cost and time. Eg Comp TIA A+ for trainees of Cisco IT Essebtials and Network + (N+) for trainees of CCNA.
  • P for D Cisco Networking Academy provides flexible training schedules (Day and Evening sessions), including Distance learning.


CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate Administrator)

This training qualifies you as a computr network administrator.


Entry Requirement: Cisco IT Essentials orsimilar knowledge.
Duration of Training : Normal track = 6 months. Fast Track = 3 months..
Training Sessions (normal Track) : (1) June - December. (2) October - April (3) February - August. Fast Track training is organised as the need aries


CCNA Security (Cisco Certified Network Associate Administrator Security)








7 to 11 months hands-on training for the Cameroon Job Market
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